Enron Research

Enron Research is an engineering company born from the several years experience of professionals that operate in Environment, Energy, Chemical and Food sectors. We believe in the sustainable development, to improve the quality of life without to increase the use of the natural resources beyond the ability that environment has to supply them. Characterized engineers, in fact study case for case specific, effective solutions and ration them, proposing the application of the more reliable, friendly technologies of the environment and at the same time innovative, yields available from the field of the search.

Dr. Roberto Preto, MSE, PhD, MBA

20+ years spent in Food and Beverage Industry, Environment and Renewable energy engineering across Europe, Africa and Asia. Holding a PhD in Electronics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Pavia, a Master of Science degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Padua, a Master in Business Administration from Wroclaw University of Economics and Business. Assistant Professor of the Solar and Biomasses Energy Plants and of the Electrical Energetics at the University of Pavia, Italy. His research interest is in electrical energy, energy recovering systems, biomass and energy systems, biogas engineering, gasification and pyrolysis of biomass.

  • roberto.preto@enronresearch.com
  • +48 532 001 258

Dr. Marco Gottardo, MSE, PhD

Dr. Marco Gottardo is the Managing Director of the Enron Research-Gtronic Robotics Research Center. He is lecturer in science, in the field of automation, robotics and applied physics, space science, plants for alternative energy and innovative electronics. He has an International PhD in “Nuclear fusion and engineering” achieved in University of Padua, joint doctorate with IPP Munich and Universidade the Lisboa. He is responsible for the Automation and Electrical Industrial installation plant.

Erik Urmanov

Erik Urmanov is the Managing Director of Enron Research's Branch in West Australia, for any enquire in West Australia please call him

  • urmanoverik@gmail.com
  • +61 499 860 508


PLC controlled biomass cogeneration systems edit. 2020: Vol.5 of the series of editions of Industrial Automation (Let's program a PLC), Amazon 2020

Pierwsze kroki w programowaniu sterownika PLC za pomocą TIA Portal V16, Lulu 2020

PLC controlled wind turbines edit. 2021: sixth volume of Let's program a PLC series, Amazon 2021

Bayelsa State, Nigeria, Cassava Starch Factory built and commissioned by Enron Research in 2020:

Padua, Enron Research-Gtronic Robotics Research Center, Artificial intelligence, new technologies and ethical implications: