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Enron operates in Environment, Energy, Chemical and Food sectors. Enron as financial advisor does for our customer consultancy for financial and market researches, feasibility studies of different projects, business plans with cash flow accepted by banks.


Our Mission is to make the excellence in engineering and manufacturing available in the countries and to make the European knowledge in industrial transformation of agricultural products available in the global south


Reduces global warming, sustainable development and food security, globally. Wealth and prosperity, created by cost efficient and energetically sustainable transformation of raw materials.


Integrity. Boldness. Trust. Accountability. Commitment to Customers. Passion. Fun.

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Business Strategy

Our strategy is to spread our products in the market, there are agents in Africa, Italy and Poland that promote our products.

Business Marketing

The fundamental values on which the company has been are professionalism and quality.

Business Profit

A part of business profit is invested every year in Research & Development. Shared values can influence decision in the company because we need quality of the sold products.

Fast & Reliable

Good staff develop a good environment to develop good skills in the company. Good staff means good quality in the products because means also good cooperation with members of the staff.

Business Security

Every single detail must be evisherated to minimize problems during the assembly and commissioning of the plants. I’m the Implementer and Coordinator my tasks are to organize the work for all my team and to solve problems. .

Full Customization

Skills help to develop good quality in the products. There is a team that work together, the strongest skills are those owned by the technical manager and the general manager.